Capra hircus CASHMERE

Capra hircus, better known as Cashmere goats, are from the Himalayas, Mongolia, and northern China.
Cashmere is the fine, soft wool obtained from these goats, which are incredible creatures living in a hostile environment. Due to extreme winter cold (-40°) and blistering summer heat (+40°), these goats, with their long coarse guard hairs, develop a super soft and fine undercoat with a diameter of about 14.5 microns! In the spring, just when the goats start to shed their coat, the precious wool is collected by gently combing out the fibres. (An entirely manual and harmless process.) Some 200 to 250 grams of fibres are obtained. After removing the coarser guard hairs, only some 100 to 150 grams are left. It takes 2 or 3 goats to make an adult sweater!

You can see what makes cashmere so precious…



At N°2 COURSE, we LOVE cashmere!

Granted, we have the knitting done in Italy.

We put our love and passion into designing and selecting the yarn that we have knitted.

We love our sweaters and we want them to last!

And since excellence is our watchword, we buy our yarn from the best: An Italian company specialized in luxury and partly owned by the LVMH group…

The best cashmere is purchased by the company, submitted to quality control
and sent to Italy to be spun into yarn.

N°2 COURSE has opted for two-thread cashmere, because it’s gorgeous, warm, soft, fine, comfortable, and chic!

Basically, we LOVE it!



Caring for your cashmere is easy: machine wash on a wool or hand-wash cycle.

You can also wash by hand, at an appropriate temperature (30°C); make sure not to wring the sweater.

Use a little wool detergent, no fabric softener, and a maximum spin of 500 rpm.

Cashmere should be dried flat, away from light. It can be ironed on low.