About N°2 COURSE

N°2 COURSE started with a PASSION for fashion, fabric, and knitwear. I was young when I starting making clothes for my Barbie, using multi-coloured cotton and veiling scraps (my taste was still developing!).
Shortly after, I was designing the clothes, I spent three years at ESMOD (fashion design school), followed by my first job in the Vosges for a lovely company designed by Le Corbusier, and then a job teleworking for a company in Troyes. Twenty years later, here I am!


N°2 COURSE was born from a love of CARS fostered by time spent with my dad at car shows, my boyfriend driving me around in his lovely American car and on his Harley, and time with one of my previous bosses who travelled across Europe to get spare parts for his dream AC Cobra, with a husband hooked on Turbo and Top Gear, with my friend JC (no, I don’t mean Jesus Christ or Julius Caesar, but Jean-Christophe).
JC loves car and he took me to Retromobile where I discovered the delightful Baillon collection.

Retromobile was where I decided that the target audience for my brand would be automobile enthusiasts. Designing quality sweaters, solid colour and jacquard knits in a style to match all the gorgeous cars out there. That’s how
my JACK-CAR sweaters were born.

N°2 COURSE is my fuel


Naming my JACK-CAR sweaters


I saw RUSH and loved it! It really got my motors fired up!

The real story about the rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt is touching.

Two drivers with so much passion!

I laughed and cried!

In honour of these two heroes, I named my first sweaters JAMES and NIKI, following them up with VIC, PETER, and JACKY..